“How do you continue getting people to write stories about your business?”  It’s an age old question that every business owner or “entrepreneur” has asked at least once in their life and for most “maybe a couple of hundred times” (Shoutout J Biebs).  There are millions of incredible people doing incredible things that never get recognized… What gives?!  I’ve got a news flash for you.  People don’t just go searching for companies to write a story on for no reason (at least not typically).  You have to do something that causes a splash in your industry.  Sounds tough, huh?  There are other ways that you can go about this so the RIGHT PEOPLE may just stumble upon you and your business.  



  • Use your resources



The number one thing people are not doing enough of is asking for help.  Why?  Because of the world we are living in today.  People preach that you can do it all, but that’s simply not the case.  I found this out the hard way by trying to do just that, and failing miserably via multiple panic attacks and a nasty stint of depression.  0/10 I do not recommend going that route!  It is OK to ask for help!  You would be surprised how many people are willing to help if you simply ask.



  • Build your personal brand



I learned this lesson from a new friend of mine, Leonard Kim.  If I google your name, what will I find?  For many of you (including myself),  it will be your facebook, twitter, instagram profiles.  For Leonard, it is his personal website, an Inc.com article, and a forbes article just to name a few.  If you were to apply for a job at Apple, for example, and Leonard was the other applicant and they hired simply based on Googling you (the irony) who would get the job?  Most likely Leonard.  This is because he has invested time and money into building his personal brand rather than building his resume (which comes along naturally when investing in yourself) learn more on that at www.influencetree.com



  • Interact Interact Interact



How much time did you spend watching netflix this week?  1, 3, 15 hours?  It used to be the same routine for me until I realized that if I want to be an “influencer” I need to speak with influencers.  I immediately asked myself, “how am I supposed to do that”, in-between bites of ramen noodles.  My weapon of choice was twitter.  I researched the forbes list of marketing influencers to watch in 2017 and started sliding into DM’s.  I crafted some witty messages to send to these people in hopes that something would catch their eye and spark their interest enough to respond to me.  Out of hundreds of direct messages sent I received three responses.  As much as I hate to admit it, it is a numbers game.  Not in the sense of let me write a generic email and send it to all of these people.  Do not do that, they will not respond.  You have to take the time to craft something specific for each individual you want to reach.  It is a process, but eventually it will pay off.



  • Patience



Piggybacking off of the previous bullet points is patience.  It’s the dirtiest P word in the english language in my opinion.  We are living in a world where everything is right at our fingertips and you’re telling me to be patient?!  Get outta here. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It is a waiting game.  You have to create a plan, perfect the plan, reconstruct the plan, perfect the plan, reconstruct the plan… You get where I’m going.  Play the long game!  We are so used to getting everything we want right now that we seem to have forgotten that Rome wasn’t build in a day.



  • Dedication



Without dedication you won’t be patient, and without patience you won’t remain dedicated.  All it takes is for the right person to hear your mission and buy into it.  With 7 billion people in this world I like your chances of someone reading it that can help you out. Stay committed to your why and work hard every day for that reason.
Now it’s time to take action.  I believe in each and every one of you, and wish you all nothing but happiness and success in every future endeavor you stumble upon.  Go be great!