This is a crazy one.  At the time it was created I was extremely embarrassed about the video, but now I am flattered.  Someone cared about me so much that they literally went through a season of basketball games to find my “lowlight” reel.  I know who created the video, but they made it under the pseudonym “Allen Gregory,” so for the sake of this story we will call the creator Allen.

The story of Allen and I goes way back.  We grew up together and were both extremely competitive.  My favorite sport was always football and his was always basketball.  When we got to high school we were very similar in height which meant we would play similar positions on the basketball court.  This happened to be a conflict because we were both fighting for the same spot in the starting lineup.  I happened to win the starting spot and kept it the entire season.  One of my best friends was in a media editing class with Allen, and while my friend was working on the highlight tape for the season Allen was working on my lowlight tape!  That is a lot of dedication and hours spent so hats off to him.

After graduating high school Allen moved to Florida where he studied, believe it or not, media design.  He graduated, landed a job, and as far as I know is doing well for himself.  I am genuinely happy for him, but in the past, I wouldn’t have been.  What changed?  My perspective on life.  With a current world population just shy of 7.5 billion according to Worldometers, what good does it do to compete solely with another individual?  I recently found a quote that explains the point I am attempting to get across.  “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.” “It just blooms.” – Zen Shin

The worst basketball player ever, in my opinion, is quite an achievement.  That means I’m the best at failing at something.  Why would someone be happy about this?  Because when I fail at something I don’t just fail, I learn.  How else would you possibly learn if you don’t try and fail sometimes?  You don’t, that’s how you find mediocrity.  Anyone can try at anything, but in anything, some will succeed, but many will fail.  When you find something you fail at it’s just a pitstop before your next success.  Now am I really the worst basketball player ever?  Probably not, but if someone wants to give me that title I’ll wear it with pride.