zach-kidAs a kid, I absolutely HATED having a cowlick.  I was always the kid with the comb over.  I had to do it because there wasn’t anything else I could do!  While all my friends had “normal” hair, I had this mysterious swirl that made me not be able to wear my hair straight down.  The worst part about having my cowlick was when my mom insisted on licking her fingers to fix it whenever it developed a mind of its own.  I despised it!  Of course, she would always do it when we were in public, and to this day I think she waited until we were in front of people to do it so they could see my reaction.


It wasn’t until recently that I found out just how cool my hair was.  I am lucky enough to have a niece, Piper, and a nephew, Dutch.  They are the funniest little kids in the world.  Piper is one of a kind, you never know what could possibly come out of her mouth; good, bad, or otherwise.  One day Andrew (her dad), was giving her a bath.  When she got out of the tub he brushed her hair and slicked it back because believe it or not, she had a cowlick just like me.  He told her it looked like she had “wolf hair.”  She thought that was the coolest thing in the world!  I can only imagine what was running through her imagination after hearing that.  Now, after bath time, it is a daily task for Kelli and Andrew to make sure that Piper has her wolf hair.piper-wolf-hair

My sister, Kelli, was going through old photo albums of us the other day.  Piper is a picture fanatic!  She absolutely loves looking at photos whenever she can.  For Kelli, going through pictures can go from a 30-minute project to a couple hours with miss P as her sidekick, but without Piper’s help, this story wouldn’t be possible.  Kelli happened to find the picture of me in my turtleneck featuring my (in my opinion at the time) stupid cowlick.  Piper took one look at the photo of me, and guess what, I had wolf hair too!  All of a sudden my hair went from (in my eyes) a stupid cowlick to being (in her eyes) the original wolf hair.

Life is all about perspective.  If you want to see the glass as half empty I can promise you that you will be less happy than if you were to look at it as being half full.  You can go through life thinking you were punished by having that stupid cowlick on your head, or you can look at it as being one of the few blessed with natural wolf hair.  The choice is yours.