freedomYou are amazing.  This isn’t just some fluff bullshit, you truly are amazing. This day in age it is so difficult to believe those three words, but I’m here to set you straight.

Everyone in this world has a path. Beyonce is an entertainer, LeBron is a basketball player, and you are you. I know you’re saying “well no shit” but seriously, you are you, and the plot of your story simply hasn’t unfolded yet.

LeBron’s plot became visible when he was dubbed “King James” in high school.  Beyonce’s plot became visible when she came on the scene as the lead vocalist with Destiny’s Child.  She later blossomed even further into “Queen Bee”.  They were both fortunate enough to have their stories unfold early in life so they can ride the wave and enjoy the journey.

You are even luckier than them. You have the gift of anticipation on your side. What’s more exciting, Christmas Eve or Christmas night?

Please be patient. Your story will be beautiful. You will find love if you want it. You will find your dream career. Most importantly, you can be happy right now, knowing that before your time on this world comes to an end, your plot will unfold, and it will be more breathtaking than you ever could have imagined.