The same voices telling you to give up can be trained to tell you to keep climbing
February 18, 2013

Whitewater, WI – Date – February 18, 2013 – Temperature 35 degrees F – Time 6:30 am.

The UW-Whitewater Warhawks Football Players had all just rolled out of bed and stumbled their way in to the Williams Center for winter workouts.

What these guys didn’t know was that due to the unseasonably warm temperatures for mid February in Wisconsin that workouts would be held outside this morning.

It was raining, it was cold, it was early.

What was a pretty uniform group of guys in terms of talent during indoor training suddenly separated like oil and water. It was extremely obvious to tell who was ready to work, and who wanted to be anywhere else in the world besides Perkins Stadium that day.

It was at that time that the lightbulb clicked… This wasn’t designed to be a physical workout – this was 100% between your ears.

Your brain is like any other muscle in your body, to increase it’s strength and durability you have to train it.  Lets hit the mental gym!


Step 1) Stop Fearing Failure

For 95% of you, the number one mental block you have in your life right now is a fear of failure. By fearing what you could fail at you paralyze yourself. You never allow yourself to answer the question “what if?”.

The reason it’s so ignorant to fear failure is that you know you’ve failed before.  In fact, you’ve survived failing thousands of times in your life, and guess what… You’re going to fail thousands of times more before it’s all said and done.

By not fearing failure your brain has no reason to tell you to quit. You set yourself free from the chains of fear and you simply perform.


Step 2) Meditate

Learning to not fear failure is much easier said than done. Luckily there are various different tools to help you in the process. One of the many effective techniques utilized is meditation.

Hear me out –  This doesn’t mean you have to sit crisscross apple-sauce with your hands out saying “Oooohhhhhmmmmmm” for 3 hours.

The focus of meditation is to have the ability to center yourself (find your happy place). For some people, that looks like what I explained above. For most, it looks completely different.

When you find your “zen” you will experience a euphoric clarity that allows for completely transparent thinking. Find an activity that allows you to vacate your thoughts and begin doing it daily.


Step 3) Make The Conscious Decision To Be Unstoppable


A negative mind never created positive results

Every day you get up you have a choice. You can have a good day, or you can have a bad day.  It is all determined by your mindset. Make the decision to be great.

What makes Whitewater athletic programs great is what happened when the workers saw the deterioration of the guys who wanted to be anywhere else in the world… They rallied together to overcome as one unit.

There was no defense, there was no offense, there was just a crew of guys who wanted to be great, and knew they could do it.

The photo above captures them after that workout.  The smoke?  Steam rolling from the heads of the exhausted athletes.

It was after that workout that each and every guy in the huddle BELIEVED and KNEW they had what it took to win a national championship.

And guess what,

They did.


Are you ready to make the switch?




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