As you guys know I am very adamant about the importance of putting yourself in vulnerable situations to allow you growth.  What better way to get my point across than to do just that!  Now let me preface this with a disclaimer – I am in no way shape or form a poet, however, I do appreciate the artistic creativity it takes to write poetry.  So without further adieu here is a new vulnerable moment, my poetry debut 🙂


No matter where you’re from

Or where you go

Be willing to be vulnerable

Fail once

Fail twice

Fail three or four more

Knowing eventually

You’ll bust through that impenetrable door

Ignore the snickers


And mean comments

We’re all humans, what’s the difference?

Step back

Look at life as a whole

What do you see?

“Vulnerability is the only way to grow”

So go on now


Take a chance

Hop up on stage

Sing your heart out – do that stupid dance

No matter where you’re from

Or where you go

Be willing to be vulnerable.

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Don’t just take this as another example. Use this as your sign to go out and try something new! Vulnerability has 0 age restrictions and requires 0 talent.  Older folks, that means this is for you as well!  For whatever reason, as people age, many develop a fear of failure.  Guess what, it’s ok to fail! Again, failure has no age restrictions and you just may be surprised by what hidden talents you find.